Twist of the Blade

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Finalist for the 2015 Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel

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Ariane and Wally must find a way to travel to France, and go deep underground, to find the second Shard of Excalibur before Rex Major can get his hands on it.

Having saved the first Shard of the sword Excalibur from internet mogul Rex Major (aka Merlin), Ariane and Wally are on the lookout for the second. Wally’s worried that the power of the first Shard is already changing Ariane, giving her the strength to do both good and evil…and when she seriously hurts his bullying sister Flish, it seems he might be right.

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“The sequel to Song of the Sword (2014) improves on its foundation….Willett realistically explores the difficulties Ariane and Wally face and paints Rex Major in such a light that readers may be unsure as to whether he is a master manipulator or misunderstood hero…Engrossing and more nuanced than its predecessor.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A satisfying second instalment…Twist of the Blade offers an enticing sense of danger and excitement as Ariane pursues her mission, but the narrative doesn’t shy away from the story’s human elements…It’s refreshing to read a story in which the heroes and villains are not cut-and-dried, and readers can look forward to three more instalments in this genuinely entertaining myth-based series.” – Quill & Quire

“Edward Willett capably brandishes the trust issues of teens, especially those related to their families, as the means to progress the story.  But it’s these same issues with which Merlin and Arthur had to deal…without their anger and self-doubt, Ariane and Wally could not learn to believe in others and themselves as worthy of the challenge to bring together the shards of the legendary sword of King Arthur…” – CanLit for Little Canadians

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Read the first chapter of Twist of the Blade

Chapter One Sleepless Through a nightmare forest of black, twisted trees, Ariane ran, pursued by a demon. A thin skein of icy snow covered the barren ground, and she was barefoot. Every step was agony, as though a thousand needles were piercing her skin, and she knew she was bleeding, knew the prints she was …

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