A “literary lunchbox” for Cave Beneath the Sea

ariane_pastaThis is cool: All Lit Up suggests a “Do Lit Yourself Literary Lunchbox” for my upcoming novel CAVE BENEATH THE SEA:

“Ariane and Wally, from Edward Willett’s Shards of Excalibur Series, have an Arthurian task in the present day: to recover the shards of the legendary sword before Rex Major (internet mogul and mythic wizard Merlin) does. A descendant of the Lady of the Lake herself, Ariane has the tenacity to do it: but will the shards, and Wally, work with her or against her in their difficult quest? For Ariane a “water”cress pesto pasta salad tossed with healthy veggies and protein (like chicken or tempeh) would be her best bet!” 

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