Announcing Shadowpaw Press

Like many authors, I’ve got a few projects that I’d like to get out into the wide world for which I do not have a publisher handy, and so I am turning to my own publishing resources–something far easier to do today than ever before.

Rather than simply self-publish, however, I’ve decided to go the somewhat more complicated (but offering-more-opportunities) route of setting up my own independent press, which I’ve named Shadowpaw Pressafter our black Siberian cat (because, why not? Also, he has a publishing pedigree of sorts–see “My publisher brought me a kitten!“) who also serves as the logo. (Preliminary logo–I think I’ll be doing more work on that.)

I have several projects that will appear under the Shadowpaw Press input, and the first will be out in short order: a collection of my short fiction, which I’ve entitled Paths to the Stars. Here’s the cover art and description:

From Edward Willett, Aurora Award-winning author of Marseguro, The Cityborn, and Worldshaper(DAW Books), among many others, comes twenty-two tales of fantasy, science fiction, and fantasy, drawn from a long career of telling fantastic tales.

A young musician dreams of playing his songs among the stars…A Broadway performer on the lam is forced to direct aliens in The Sound of Music…Strange vegetables with dangerous properties crop up in small-town Saskatchewan…A man with a dark secret gets his comeuppance on a windy night on the prairie…An elderly caretaker on the Moon preserves the memory of the millions who died on Earth’s darkest day…A woman and a bat-like alien must overcome their own prejudices to prevent an interstellar war…

From the far future and the farthest reaches of space to the Canadian prairie, from our world to worlds that have never existed to world’s that might some day, rich realms of imagination and the fascinating characters and creatures that populate them await within these stories, some previously published, some seeing print for the first time.

Time to go exploring…

Release date is July 10. You can pre-order the ebook now through Amazon. A paperback version will also be available–it’s in the final stages.

What else will be coming from Shadowpaw Press? Up next mightbe Blue Fire, a re-issue, with a new cover and layout, of Flames of Nevyana, taking it back to its original title (might be, because my editor at DAW Books is taking a look at it first to see if she might be interested). If I release it myself, I’m leaning toward releasing that one as an E.C. Blakebook, since that might garner interest from readers of the Masks of Aygrimatrilogy.

And after that? I want to pull the First World War memoirsof my grandfather-in-law, Sampson J. Goodfellow, into a book. It needs a good edit and some other work, but I think it could be interesting to readers, especially with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice coming up–which is approximately when I’d like to have it out.

Lots more to come after that: my Andy Nebula books in print again (currently they’re only available as hardcovers), re-issues of some of my earlier novels…who knows? If this actually proves profitable (a big “if”) maybe I’ll open up to submissions. An original anthology might be fun…

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