Me, signing

Signing at McNallyHad a successful signing in Saskatoon at McNally Robinson over the weekend. Here are a couple of photos…

Twist of the Blade will be out before long–beginning of September–and there’ll be a more formal launch of the whole series then. I’ll also be at Word on the Street in Saskatoon on September 21 to promote The Shards of Excalibur. Watch for news of more signings for Twist of the Blade in the near future!

McNally Sword displayMeanwhile, if you’re interested in more of my YA fantasy, be sure to head over to my E.C. Blake website (E.C. Blake is a pseudonym of mine) and check out The Masks of Aygrima. Book 1, Masks, is out now, and Shadows, book 2, will be out at the beginning of August.


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