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CanLit for Little Canadians applauds Door into Faerie

Helen Kubiw, who has reviewed all of The Shards of Excalibur books at CanLlit for Little Canadians, has nice things to say about Door into Faerie: “This fifth book is as forged with magic, conflict, action and travel, as well as a little history, as the earlier four books…but family, which has always been important, …

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Read the first two chapters of Door into Faerie!

We’re just two months from the May 15 release of Door into Faerie, and I’ve got the page proofs in hand right now. Which means it’s time to give you a sneak peek. Normally I only post the opening chapter of the books, but for the finale, I’m giving you two. Click here to read …

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Sneak peek at Cave Beneath the Sea: read the first chapter!

I turned in the final edited manuscript of Cave Beneath the Sea this week to Coteau Books, which is aiming for a November release. But you don’t have to wait that long to start it: here’s a sneak peek, in the form of the first chapter. Enjoy–and be ready for the release of Book 4 …

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Read a sample of Twist of the Blade!

Coteau Books has posted a sample of Twist of the Blade to the book’s website: just follow this link and then click on (duh) Read a Sample. Or, click here:Twist_ofthe_Blade_sample. Getting close to the release of Book 2…

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